Our Services – Floor Saws, Hand Saws, Core Drilling Gold Coast

If it’s concrete and it needs to be removed, then Coastal Concrete Cutting is the expert for the job on the Gold Coast. Since 1998 we have been cutting out basement walls, removing reinforced equipment pads, core drilling holes for plumbing and more, including Floor Saws, Hand Saws, Core Drilling Gold Coast


Gold Coast Concrete Cutting

Floor Saws, Hand Saws, Core Drilling Gold Coast

Floor Saws

Floor sawing is the most common cutting method. Our saws are walk behind machines that cut through slab quickly. The floor saw is often used to remove damaged areas or to install plumbing or electrical lines.

Hand Saw gold Coast

Hand Saw

The hand saw is a piece of equipment that allows for precision cuts for windows, doors and other openings that require an exact length, width and depth cut.

Gold Coast Hand Saws, Floor Saws, Core Drilling

Core Drilling

When a hole needs to be drilled to an exact circumference, core drilling is what you need. Most commonly core drilling is done for; Plumbing, Electrical and Communication Lines.


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